Lu's Patty Melt with Not My Dad's White Bread
Lu’s Patty Melt with Not My Dad’s White Bread

Lu, the founder of Evolutionary Eats is now baking gluten-free bread, cookies and can be purchased in the Austin area.  All foods are by order only, and you can submit orders at evolutionaryeats@gmail.comor use the contact form for more information.  All food is gluten-free, and made in a home kitchen that meets the rules regarding the Texas Cottage Food Law and does not use any gluten-containing products.

The Menu

$9.00 Each 2-pound loaf of Classic White Sandwich Bread.

$9.00 per dozen Cookies, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Drop, Oatmeal Butter Scotch, or Molasses in any combination

Aunt Mary's Toffee Squares
Aunt Mary’s Toffee Squares

18.00 – 1 dozen Banana Walnut Muffins.Rachael's Banana Wlanut Muffins

Stay tuned for more recipes!  Buttermilk biscuits are coming soon…

Not My Dad's White Bread
Not My Dad’s White Bread